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Spring: Spring Data


What you should know before watching
How to use the exercise files

1. The Spring Data Umbrella Project

Spring Data Commons

2. Understanding JPA for Object-Relational Mapping

Logical model vs. physical model
Brief history of the Java Persistence API
Map a database table to a Java class
Map multiple tables to Java classes
Java Persistence query language

3. Introduction to Spring Data JPA

JPA without Spring Data
Spring Data Repositories interfaces
CrudRepository interface for entities
JPA Repository

4. Querying with Spring Data

Property expression query methods
Query method clauses and expressions
@Query query methods
Page and sort
Query by Example
Debug query method errors

5. Other Spring Data Commons Features

QueryDSL Spring Data Extension
Read-only Repository pattern

6. More Spring Data Modules

Spring Data REST
Spring Data MongoDB example
More Spring Data DataSource solutions


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