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Spring: Framework In Depth

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
Working with exercise files

1. Spring Overview
Introduction to Spring
The IoC container

2. Configuring the Application Context
Introduction to the ApplicationContext
Configuration of Spring with Java
Encapsulate configurations
Work with the environment
Spring expression language
Bean scopes

3. Annotation-Based Configuration
The component scan
Autowire beans
Lifecycle methods

4. XML-Based Configuration
Why XML-based configuration is still important
XML configuration of beans
XML namespaces

5. Bean Lifecycle
Why the lifecycle is so important
The overall picture
The initialization phase: Loading bean definitions
The initialization phase: Bean factory post-processing
The initialization phase: Bean instantiation
The initialization phase: Setters
The initialization phase: Bean post-processing
The initialization phase: Differences based on configuration types
The use phase
The destruction phase

6. Aspect Oriented Programming
Aspecting in Spring
Define AOP pointcuts
Implement AOP advice: Before
Implement AOP advice: After
Implement AOP advice: Around

Next steps

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