lynda Spring Boot 2.0 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Spring into Spring
What you should know

1. Spring Boot Basics :
Booting from the web
Understanding the project
Understanding auto-configuration
Configuration in Spring Boot
Spring Profiles in Boot
Building Spring Boot applications
Containerizing Spring Boot applications

2. Spring Boot Web :
Understanding Spring Boot dependencies
Configuring embedded Tomcat
Employing MVC in Spring Boot
Thymeleaf templates
Web application with Spring Boot
Challenge: Generate an MVC webpage
Solution: Generate an MVC webpage
Web services with Spring Boot
Challenge: Build a web service
Solution: Build a web service

3. Spring Boot Command Line :
CommandLineRunner interface
Building a command-line application
Challenge: Build a CommandLineRunner
Solution: Build a CommandLineRunner

4. Spring Boot Data :
The Repository pattern
Introduction to Spring Data
Building embedded databases
Building a Spring Data repository
Connecting to external databases
Challenge: Build a data repository
Solution: Build a data repository

5. Spring Boot Extra Topics :
Introduction to Spring Security
Using Spring Security
Introduction to messaging
Spring message consumers
Building Spring message producers
Building Spring REST repositories
Using Spring Actuator
Extending Actuator
Building Spring Boot starters

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