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Source Code Control in .NET with Git Using SourceTree

Video Introducing this tutorial


What is source code control
What is Git?
What is SourceTree (ST)?
Getting everything
What is a repository?
Exercise files

1. Getting Started

Creating a simple console app
Source tree settings and preferences
Committing files and messages
Make changes and commit, the master branch
Adding the staging area

2. The Basic Flow

Create repo and link to local repo
Examining the basic flow
Diving into the details
Create user 2, make changes and pull to user 1

3. Branching and Merging

What is a branch? Why branch?
Show different views, and merge

4. Resolving Conflicts

Users change same file independently
Resolve conflict
Reversing the commit

5. Tags and Stash

Adding a tag to a commit
Adding to the stash
Restoring from the stash

6. Advanced Topics

What a detached head is, and how to avoid detached heads
Using terminal


Next steps and thank you