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SOLIDWORKS 2018 New Features

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. User Interface Enhancements
Auto-rotate on sketch creation
Measure tool enhancements and quick copy
Mouse gesture enhancements
Welcome dialog box
SOLIDWORKS open times in Explorer
Task scheduler supports additional formats

2. Part and Sketch Enhancements
Creating mirrored entities in a 3D sketch
Creating a bounding box

3. Sheet Metal Enhancements
Creating normal cuts
Tab and slot tools
Three-bend corner reliefs

4. Assembly Enhancements
Multiple ground planes in a magnetic mates assembly
Top-level transparency
Hide a face temporarily
Misaligned concentric mates
Assembly progress indicator
Assembly visualization enhancements
Smart explode lines
3D interconnect additional file types

5. Drawing Enhancements
Layers and color to hatches

Next steps

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