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Social Media Video for Business and Marketing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Social media marketing with video

1. Exploring the Role of Video in Business and Marketing
Video's role in social media marketing
Video and the marketing funnel
The five Ws of video content strategy
Strategies to make your video stand out
Repurposing video to maximize impact

2. Discussing and Analyzing Different Types of Social Media Videos
Craft your rally cry with a brand anthem video
Communicate with punch with an explainer video
Close the deal with a product video
Teach with efficiency and engagement with a how-to video
Leverage the power of personal stories with customer testimonials
Double down on emotion and values with long-form content
Go personal and unscripted with video interviews
Inject personality into branding with vlogs
Unleash the power of filmmaking with narrative content
Peek behind the curtain with BTS and company culture videos

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