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Social Media Promotion for Musicians Artists and Engineers

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1. What Online Marketing Can and Cant Do for You

7 online marketing secrets no one tells you
4 best practices for online marketing and promotion
The biggest trends in online marketing for musicians
Social media won't get you a record deal, but it won't hurt
The best metric to use to see if your online marketing is working

2. Online Marketing Basics

Developing your social media strategy
The keys to a successful online strategy
Developing your online brand
12 questions to ask yourself before you post
The best times to post on social media
Posting frequency strategies for social media, blogs, and videos
Posting frequency for music
The new hashtags dos and don'ts

3. Marketing through Your Website

Website marketing overview
Your website design
Elements of a successful website
The importance of a website description
Music website SEO techniques
Website problems to avoid
Your website's press section
Your website's booking section
Artist website performance metrics
Google Analytics
Measuring your backlinks

4. Marketing with Your Mailing List

Mailing list marketing strategies
Using a mailing list service
An overview of mailing list service providers
Designing a successful artist email newsletter
Crafting your copy
Using the service provider templates
The best times to email
Tips for getting your fans to respond to your newsletter
How to get fans to sign up for your mailing list

5. Using Facebook for Marketing

Facebook marketing overview
How Facebook determine what's in your news feed
Your Facebook personal page
Your Facebook fan page
What should I say?
Crafting a promotional post that works
The best time to post
Scheduling posts
Secrets to getting your posts liked
Facebook posting rules
10 best Facebook practices for artists and bands
Facebook video basics
Designing a video for Facebook
7 tips for publishing Facebook videos
Using Facebook Live
Promoting your posts
An overview of the Ad Manager
Facebook policies everyone should know

6. Using Twitter for Marketing

What should I tweet about?
Your Twitter profile
The hashtag: The secret behind successful tweets
Finding the correct keywords to use as hashtags
Crafting a promotional tweet that works
The best time to tweet
Scheduling tweets
Twitter measurement

7. Marketing with a Blog

Blogging marketing strategies
Blogging platforms overview
Designing your blog
Your RSS feed
The secrets to a successful blog
Blog SEO
Tying your blog to your website
Why blogs fail
Popular blog list sites

8. Marketing with YouTube

How views on various platforms are counted
Music discovery on YouTube
Optimizing your YouTube channel
Your online video strategy
Making money from your videos
Essential video SEO
The key to viral videos
In-video branding
Video analytics
Tips for increasing YouTube engagement

9. Using Instagram for Marketing

Instagram marketing strategy
Instagram best practices
What not to do on Instagram
How to build your Instagram audience
Hashtags: The key to Instagram promotion

10. Using LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn marketing strategy
Setting up your profile
LinkedIn networking tips
LinkedIn posting tips
Using LinkedIn's ProFinder

11. Marketing Your Music with Playlists

Why playlists are so important
Getting your music on Spotify
How to get your music on Spotify playlists