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lynda Social Media Marketing: ROI

Introduction :
Driving ROI from social media

1. Measuring Social Media ROI :
Calculating conversation, amplification, and applause rates
Tracking the economic value of micro and macro conversions
Using URL parameters to track social media success
Measuring word-of-mouth coefficient and dark social
Marketing mix modeling for attributing social media ROI

2. Effective Social Media Strategy :
Arbitraging from earned media to owned media
Building a memorable brand with distinctive assets
Choosing the face of your company
How to do topic and influencer research
Document, don't create: Making social cost-effective
Tools and tactics for automating social media campaigns
The 4-1-1 rule and 90/10 ratio: Planning your editorial calendar

3. Creative Best Practices :
Anatomy of a social post: Hook, context, asset, comment
Creative testing framework: Concept-theme-variant
Adopting the conversational copywriting style for social
Building authentic relationships: Social media etiquette
Profile optimization: Increasing your conversion rate

4. Social Media Tactics by Channel :
Facebook performance improvement tactics
Instagram performance improvement tactics
Twitter performance improvement tactics
Reddit performance improvement tactics
LinkedIn performance improvement tactics
Reverse-engineering tactics that work for any social platform

Conclusion :
Continue learning how to drive social media ROI