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Social Media for Graphic Designers

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1. Getting Started

Understanding social media for business
Branding yourself on social media
The role of your website in social media
What should you post?
Social media image sizes

2. Facebook Strategy for Designers

Understanding Facebook
Setting up profile and cover images
Creating a portfolio on Facebook
Writing a post to extend reach
When to pin a post
Posting images on Facebook
Posting videos on Facebook
Posting gifs on Facebook
Using Facebook insights

3. Twitter Strategy for Designers

Understanding Twitter
Setting up profile and header images
How to say a lot in 140 characters
Using conversation threads and retweeting
Posting images on Twitter
Posting videos on Twitter
Posting gifs on Twitter
Using hashtags on Twitter
Connect with clients and fellow creatives

4. Instagram Strategy for Designers

Understanding Instagram
Posting images on Instagram
Posting videos on Instagram
Using geo-tag to map your creativity
Connecting with an audience through comments
Creating instagram stories

5. Exploring Other Social Networks

Understanding Behance
Using Dribbble to attract new clients
Using LinkedIn
Improve SEO by using Google+