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SMART Board Essential Training

Getting the most out of this course

1. Setup and Fundamentals
Hardware setup
Pen tray and orientation
Floating tools

2. Getting Started
Launching the application
Working with the interface

3. Writing on Your SMART Notebook
Writing on your SMART Board
Using the Magic Pen
Working with your notes

4. Organizing Your SMART Notebook
Working with pages
Typing text
Toolbar customization
Setting up views

5. Inserting Objects
Inserting images and media
Inserting images using the gallery
Using the Capture tool
Creating shapes and lines
Customizing your tools

6. Advanced Object Manipulation
Layering objects
Grouping objects
Locking objects

7. Advanced User Techniques
Linking to pages and video
Attaching files to your notebook
Personalizing your My Content folder

8. Dynamic Features: Reveals
Reveals: Move and reveal
Reveals: Erase and reveal
Reveals: Order and reveal
Reveals: Using the Screen Shade
Reveals: Object animations

Design considerations
Saving, exporting, and sharing SMART Notebook files
Next steps