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Skype for Business Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Account and Contact Management

Understand the Skype for Business service
Install the Skype for Business application
Tour the interface
Manage contacts

2. Calls and Chats

Send instant messages (text conversations)
Audio and video calls
Group calls
Switch between call types
Start a call from Outlook 2016 for Windows
Start a conversation from Outlook on the web
Call a traditional telephone
Use up voicemail

3. Scheduled Meetings

Meet now
Schedule a meeting using the Office 365 calendar
Schedule a meeting using Outlook 2016
Join a scheduled meeting
Join a meeting without a Skype for Business account
Join broadcast meetings

4. Sharing Extra Content during a Call

Share a screen or a window
Present PowerPoint slideshows
Share files
Coauthor Office documents
Add interactivity with whiteboards, polls, and Q&A
Record a call or meeting

5. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android


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