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SketchUp & Revit Workflow

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. Understanding How Revit Reads SketchUp Files

What are the options with SketchUp Make?
Preparing your SketchUp files for Revit
Green, red, and yellow boxes
Green, red, and yellow boxes in Revit
Badly prepared SketchUp file
Badly prepared SketchUp file in Revit
Identifying nonuniform scaling
Fixing nonuniform scaling

2. Comparing DWG and DXF Files in Revit

DWG and DXF export options from SketchUp
Importing DWG and DXF files into Revit
Creating a Revit toposurface from SketchUp terrain
Splitting toposurface and applying materials
Replacing SketchUp objects with Revit in-place components

3. Utilizing the SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Downloading the desk from 3D Warehouse
Assigning layers
Ordering the desk parts by layer
Assigning the layers to the geometry
Material application for AutoCAD export
Color by layer
Material by face or material by component

4. Understanding Revit Materials and Object Styles

Introduction to Revit materials
Importing the desk
Eames Desk
Duplicating materials
Creating the black and white materials
Adding material assets to a new material
Creating the desktop material from an external file
Creating the desk drawer material

5. Revit Massing and SketchUp Meshes

One World Tower
One World mass
Completing the One World mass
Adding the mass to the project
Mass design options
Using an in-place mass in Revit
Creating a Revit mass from a SketchUp mesh
Creating the main stack
Slicing off the faces
Forming the entrance recesses
Sweeping the groove
Sculpting the corners
Parapet recess
Mass floors
Adding the mast

6. Using SketchUp to Create Site Context Models in Revit

Site context models
Preparing the toposurface in SketchUp
Preparing the building height data
Creating the Revit toposurface
Adding buildings to Revit toposurface
Splitting the toposurface and applying the materials

7. Revit into SketchUp

Revit to SketchUp DWG export
Importing DWG files from Revit export
Revit plan vs. group from Slice
Stair creation basics in Revit
IFC import vs. ACIS solids


Next steps