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lynda SketchUp Pro: Interior Design Detailing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Create interior designs with SketchUp Pro

1. Project Setup and Organization :
Import AutoCAD drawings
Import photos as drawing references
Create walls
Tags (formerly Layers)
Import other SketchUp models
Create door and window openings
Set the scene

2. Create and Import Objects :
Create a basic kitchen
The 3D Warehouse
Place objects in a model
Model a basic sofa from scratch
Use extensions to add realistic details
3D model websites
Create ceiling elements

3. Add Lighting and Materials :
Place light fixtures
Add background images
Import images as textures
Material Replacer and Component Replacer
Add realism

4. Create 2D Drawings :
Floor plan view
Furniture plan view
Reflected ceiling plan
Export drawings to scale

Conclusion :
Next steps