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lynda SketchUp 2020 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Build your design ideas with SketchUp Pro
What you should know

1. The SketchUp Interface:
Choose a template
Basics for using a Windows interface
Basics for using a Mac interface
Customize the toolbar for Mac
The axis
Standard camera views
Zoom tools
Move the camera view with Orbit and Pan tools
Setting a camera view and the Look Around tool
Walking around the model

2. Manipulate Objects:
The Select tool
The Move tool
Creating copies and an array
Resize an object
Rotating an object
Flipping and mirroring an object
The 3D Warehouse
Why polygons matter

3. Drawing in SketchUp:
Line tool
Rectangle tool
Circle tool
Push/Pull into 3D
Tape Measure tool
Protractor tool
Undo and let go
Eraser tool
Dividing lines
Offset tool

4. Modeling from a Floor Plan Image:
Import and prep
Drawing a floor plan
Extrude walls
Add doorways and windows

5. Organization:
Making groups
Making components
Isolate a group or component
Tags and Entity Info
The Outliner window

6. Materials:
Apply material using a Mac
Edit material using a Mac
Apply material using Windows
Edit material using Windows
Apply material using 3D Warehouse
Import and apply custom texture
Purging material list

7. Document and Stylize:
Setting shadows and fog
Changing the style
Set and update scenes
Checking edge alignment
Create a section cut
Drawing dashed lines
3D text
Export in 2D and 3D

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