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SketchBook Pro 7 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Theory of Sketching
Advantages of digital sketching
Comparing mouse and tablet sketching

2. Learning the Interface and Tools
Interface overview
Exploring the File and Edit menus
Exploring the Image menu
Exploring the Window and Help menus

3. Working with Colors in SketchBook Pro
Working with the Color and Brush pucks
Understanding the Color Editor
Introducing Copic markers
Utilizing the Copic library

4. Understanding Brushes and Their Properties
Brush palette fundamentals
Modifying brush properties
Workflow with synthetic brushes

5. Working with Layers
Understanding layers
New layer functions

6. Learning the Interface: The Toolbar
Introducing Transform and Select
Manipulating with Transform, Distort, and Flood Fill
Working with Crop and adding text
The Ruler, Ellipse, and French Curves tools
Creating perspective
Working with symmetry
Utilizing the Steady Stroke and shape tools
Sketching the vehicle wheel

7. Learning the Interface: The Lagoon
Understanding the Lagoon

8. Customizing SketchBook
Creating do-it-yourself brushes
Working with brush sets
Shading an F1 wheel
Creating custom icons

9. A Typical Workflow
Shading a vehicle body
Shading using grayscale

10. Blend Modes
Introducing blend modes
Darken options
Lighten options
Contrast blend modes
Color blend modes
Glow and Soft Glow
Correcting a dark image

11. Exporting Images
Exporting a finished rendering

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