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Six Sigma: Black Belt

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know/road map
Certification information
Exercise files

1. Define Phase

Overview of the Define phase

2. Measure Phase

Overview of the Measure phase
Process flow metrics
Sample sizes
Key terms for measurement system analysis (MSA) for continuous data
Conduct measurement system analysis (MSA) for continuous data
Measurement system analysis (MSA) for attributes
Process capability for continuous data

3. Analyze Phase

Overview of the Analyze phase
Hypothesis testing road map
Sample size determination
Confidence intervals
Test for normality
Compare variances
Contingency tables
Nonparametric tests
Linear regression
Multiple regression

4. Improve Phase

Overview of the Improve phase
Two-level fractional factorial experiments
Full-factorial experiments
DOE with curvature
Response surface methods

5. Control Phase

Overview of the Control phase
SPC chart selection
SPC chart analysis
Display improved process capability


Next steps