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Sibelius 8 Essential Training: 101

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Sibelius certification
How to use the exercise files
Challenge overview

1. Navigating and Understanding the Interface

Installing and launching Sibelius
The Sibelius Quick Start window
Opening and closing a score
Exploring the score page
Using Escape, Undo, and Redo
Navigating through the score
Zooming in and out
Important single-key shortcuts
System breaks and page breaks
Saving your score
Setting essential preferences

2. Score Window and Ribbon Overview

The single-document interface
Introduction to the ribbon
The Document Tab bar and dynamic parts
The status bar and page display buttons

3. A Closer Look at the Interface

Exploring the ribbon tabs
Understanding Magnetic Layout
Marking and coloring your score
Working with panels
Using key tips to access the ribbon

4. Playback Basics

Getting sound out of Sibelius
Sibelius sounds and configurations
Playing and replaying the score
Using the transport controls
The Sibelius Mixer

5. Selection

Editing selections and deleting staves
Non-contiguous edit selections
Focus on Staves
System selections and deleting bars

6. Creating a New Score and Inputting Score Objects

The new score setup window: Part 1
Time signatures and beam and rest groups
The new score setup window: Part 2
After the score appears
Inputting and editing key signatures
Inputting and editing time signatures
Inputting and editing clefs

7. Note Input

Getting familiar with the Keypad
Mouse note input and snap positions
Inputting ties, articulations, and accidentals
Editing during and after note input
Alphanumeric note input
Step-time note input

8. Challenge and Solution 1

Challenge: Notation exercise 1
Solution: Notation exercise 1

9. Editing Pitches and Rhythms

Editing pitches
Editing rhythms
Cut, Paste, Copy, Quick Copy, and Repeat
Rhythms and time signatures

10. Additional Score Objects

Working with tuplets
Creating and extending slurs
Creating and extending hairpins
Exploring the Lines gallery

11. Working with Text Styles

Overview of text styles
Tempo text
Expression text
Technique text
Moving and editing text

12. Finishing and Printing Your Score

Prior to printing
The print dialog

13. Challenge and Solution 2

Challenge: Notation exercise 2
Solution: Notation exercise 2


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