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Shopify Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Build an online store with Shopify
What you should know

1. Get to Know Shopify
What is Shopify?
What is a hosted platform?
Tour Shopify sites

2. Get Started
Create your account
Tour the Shopify admin
Enable two-factor authentication

3. Set up Products
Add a simple product
Add product variants
Maximize product SEO
Add shipping information
Maximize categorization
Add digital products

4. Work with Images
How Shopify handles images
Add images
Find images with Shopify Burst
Augmented and virtual reality images

5. Customize Your Theme
What is a theme?
Select a theme
Customize the header and footer
Customize the general settings
Customize the home page
Customize the checkout page
Coding a theme

6. Set up Shipping
Understand shipping models
Understand shipping methods
Configure shipping zones
Configure free shipping
Configure flat rate shipping
Configure live rate shipping
Print shipping labels
Integrate with Amazon FBA
Integrate with Printful
Multi-location stores

7. Set up Payments
Introduction to online payments
Set up Shopify Payments
Set up Apple Pay
Set up PayPal

8. Collect Taxes
Understand taxes
Import tax rates
View collected taxes

9. Add Pages and Blog Posts
Understand Shopify pages and posts
Create a page
Create a post
Understand on-page SEO
Add images and videos to pages
Add refund and policies
Add pages to navigation
Use page builders

10. Manage Orders
View orders
Customize order numbers
Understand fraud and risk
Use mobile apps

11. Add Apps
Understand apps
Install Product Reviews
Integrate with Jilt
Experimentation is key

12. Add Sales Channels
What are sales channels?
Configure the Shopify Buy Button
Sell with Facebook
Sell with Messenger
Sell with Instagram
Sell on Amazon

13. Manage Your Site
Add users
Create discounts
Configure sitewide SEO
View reports

14. Launch Your Store
Use a custom domain
Enable Google Analytics
Launch your store

15. Sell in the Store
Understand Shopify Point of Sale (POS)
Set up Shopify POS
Filter Shopify POS orders

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