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SharePoint Online: Migrating from InfoPath to PowerApps

Video Introducing this tutorial

It's time to make the move to PowerApps
What's happening with InfoPath forms?
PowerApps forms vs. Microsoft Forms
Get the most from this course

1. Get Started with PowerApps
Why customize?
Adjust list form settings
Change site permissions

2. Open PowerApps
Create a new PowerApps form
A quick tour of the PowerApps window
Identify form elements
Challenge: Create a new PowerApps form
Solution: Create a new PowerApps form

3. Modify the Form
Change form colors and fonts
Hide and resize fields
Add images
Save and publish forms
Modify forms when lists change
Challenge: Modify the form
Solution: Modify the form

4. Work with Long Forms
Tabbed forms: Create the tabs
Tabbed forms: Assign the data cards
Tabbed forms: Define the behaviors
Challenge: Create tabs
Solution: Create tabs
Create multipage forms

5. Beyond Basic Forms
Create different forms: Create the forms
Create different forms: Define behaviors
Correct image fields in the form
Add dynamic functionality: Conditional formatting
Add dynamic functionality: Validation
Automation: Use forms to initiate Flows
Challenge: Add conditional formatting
Solution: Add conditional formatting

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