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SharePoint Online 2017: Beyond the Basics

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SharePoint permissions

1. Using Advanced Library and List App Features
SharePoint Online list apps
Create a custom list
Create a custom list from Excel
Change list settings
Set check-in and versioning
Modify advanced settings
Use a lookup column in a list
Create a mobile app using PowerApps

2. Build and Customize Sites
Sites and site collections: The basics
Create a new team site with an Office 365 group
Create a classic team site
Apply a theme and logo to a site
Add a calendar and tasks with timeline
Create a communication site
Save a site as a template
SharePoint publishing features: The basics

3. Modify SharePoint Pages
Understand web and app parts
Add an app part to a page
Add, modify, or delete a web part
Create a wiki page

4. Modify SharePoint Permissions
Plan SharePoint permissions: The basics
View group and user permissions

5. Customize Search in SharePoint
Searching in SharePoint
Creating a search center
Tweak search results options

6. SharePoint Compliance Management
Documents, contents, and compliance
Create a custom content type
Use a content type

7. SharePoint Workflows
Workflows: The basics
Customize the three-state workflow
Create a workflow with Microsoft Flow

8. Use Power BI with SharePoint
Power BI: The basics
Embed a Power BI report in SharePoint Online

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