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Selling Strategies that Boost Customer Acquisition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Importance of a selling strategies

1. Selling Strategies Explained
Direct and indirect models
Selling models of well-known companies
Why selling strategy matters
Choosing your sales model
Do a feasibility check
What investors care about
Keys to success

2. Multichannel Selling Overview
Multichannel selling explained

3. Create Your Selling Strategy Framework
Creating a Selling Strategy Framework

4. Direct and Indirect Selling Models
Step 1: Determine your selling model
Selling model #1: Online
Selling model #2: Retail
Selling model #3: Inside and outside sales
Selling model #4: Distributors
Selling model #5: Resellers
Selling model #6: Partners or system integrators
Selling model #7: Manufacturers rep or independent reps
Selling model #8: OEM and white label

5. Build Your Selling Strategy
Create your selling strategy workshop
Step 3: Examine the costs
Step 4: Internal consistency
Step 5: Creating your selling strategy