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Securing the IoT: Designing and Testing

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What you should know before watching this course
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1. IoT Security Issues

Looking back at the WeMo security issues
Dissecting the Dyn Mirai attack
Hacking cars and drones
Testing and breaking Z-Wave security
Safety and the insecurity of robots

2. Designing IoT Security

Introducing IoT Security
Understanding the IoTSF Compliance Framework
Securing low rate wireless personal area networks
LoRa security
Building security into IoT devices
Moving to trusted execution environments

3. IoT Development

A first look at Marvin
Integrating sensors into Marvin
Adding encryption to Marvin
Running on the IoT

4. Preparing to Test

Generating packets with Paketeer
Install the cURL tool
Understanding the real time messaging protocol

5. Testing Techniques for Home IoT Devices

Testing the raw Wi-Fi interface
Testing home IoT switches: Orvibo
Testing the home network automation protocol
Testing home IoT switches: WeMo
Testing IP surveillance systems
Testing the Broadlink Air Quality monitor
Testing the Broadlink Black Bean
Advanced testing techniques
Examining the security of the Google Home


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