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lynda Securing Containers and Kubernetes Ecosystem

Video Introducing this tutorial

Protect your containers and Kubernetes ecosystem
What you need to know

1. Demystifying Containers and Kubernetes:
What are containers?
Isolation and OS security features
Container runtime
What is Kubernetes?
Kubernetes master node
Kubernetes worker node

2. Security Model for Containers and Kubernetes:
Overall technology architecture
Container deployment and orchestration lifecycle
Attack surface and vectors
Five factors

3. Factor #1: Securing Containerized Application Code:
Secure design before code
Secure code

4. Factor #2: Securing Images:
Secure container images, part 1
Secure container images, part 2
Image registries
Image registry access control

5. Factor #3: Securing Hosts and Container Working Environment:
Container working environment
Container network security
Container port and interface security
Host OS protection

6. Factor #4: Securing Applications in Kubernetes:
Securing applications in Kubernetes
Access management
Authenticating users
Authenticating service accounts
Admission control
Security context
Security policy
Kubernetes network security
Secrets management

7. Factor #5: Securing Kubernetes Cluster:
Cluster security goals
Securing API server traffic
Securing cluster components

8. Additional Security Considerations:
Infrastructure security
Logging and monitoring

Next steps