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lynda Secure Coding in Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Developing securely
What you should know
What are secure coding, CERT, and other standards?
What is OWASP Top 10?

1. Setting Up:
Installing software with due caution
Installing pipenv, Python, Django, Flask, and Django REST framework
Common vulnerabilities and exposures checks
A few words about encryption and injection

2. Avoiding Python Pitfalls:
Dynamic typing with Python
Explicit assertions with Python
Don't get yourself into a Pickle
Challenge: Secure the end point
Solution: Secure the end point

3. Securing Django:
Using a separate Python environment for isolation
The "batteries included" approach in Django
Generating new projects
The Django settings module, keeping secrets, and the dangers of debug mode

4. Securing a RESTful API:
Safe serializing
Testing and security
Challenge: Run the test, fix the code
Solution: Run the test, fix the code

5. Securing Flask:
The challenge of securing Flask
Flask secrets
Password hashing with Flask

Next steps: Secure coding