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Secure Coding in C

Video Introducing this tutorial

Write better secure C code
Using the exercise files
Compiling the code

1. On the Defensive
Understanding the weaknesses of C
What the bad guys look for
Hunting exploits
Documenting everything

2. Undefined Behaviors
Formatting preprocessor directives
Using an assignment as a condition
Avoiding putchar() in a while loop
Using the system() call
Accessing elements beyond the array size
Converting integers
Looping with floating point values
Using return values
Confirming when EOF has been read
Challenge: Fix the code
Solution: Fix the code

3. Input Validation
Authenticating numeric input
Converting strings to numbers
Using int values instead of char
Reading input with fgets()
Filtering string input
Challenge: Confirming input
Solution: Confirming input

4. String Management
Allocating strings
Avoiding bad string assignment
Working with string literals
Minding string functions
Storing passwords and codes
Clearing data after use
Challenge: The secret code
Solution: The secret code

5. Issues with Pointers
Initializing pointers and buffers
Checking for NULL pointers
Performing pointer math
Freeing pointers
Challenge: Enter the combination
Solution: Enter the combination

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