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SAP ERP Essential Training

Understanding SAP ERP

1. Overview of SAP
Benefits and limitations of SAP ERP
SAP implementations and customizations
SAP ERP modules
Master data vs. transactional data
SAP clients
Understanding SAP security roles

2. Exploring SAP Modules
SAP financial accounting (FI)
SAP controlling (CO)
SAP sales and distribution (SD)
SAP materials management (MM)
SAP production planning (PP)
SAP quality management (QM)
SAP plant maintenance (PM)
SAP project systems (PS)
SAP human capital management (HCM)

3. SAP End-User Base Navigation
Logging on using the SAP GUI
Menu tree navigation
Transaction code navigation
User menu and settings
Icons and buttons
Multiple SAP sessions
Searching for data and using wildcards
Printing in SAP

4. SAP Basic Reporting
Basic report selection criteria
Advanced report selection criteria
Reporting layouts
Printing reports
Exporting reports

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