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SAP Business One: Reporting and Customization

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting the most from SAP Business One
What you should know
Exercise Files
Setting up your system

1. SAP Reporting and Forms
Run included reports
Use selection criteria
Filter and sort reports
Export Drag & Relate
Challenge: Basic sales spreadsheet
Solution: Sales spreadsheet

2. SAP B1 Databases
Understand SAP B1 tables and fields
What golden arrows do in reports
Use popular tables
Use the System Information tool
Challenge: Find system information
Solution: Find system information

3. Basic SQL Reports
Use the Query Generator
Open the Query Manager
Change a query with SELECT, AS, and FROM
Debug a query
Filter a query with WHERE
Add selection criteria parameters
Use SQL functions
Sort a query with ORDER BY
Make decisions with CASE
Types in SQL
Challenge: Sales report in SQL
Solution: Sales report in SQL

4. Power SQL
Plan your report with good questions
Add comments for readability
Text editors with SQL
Date and string functions
Handling NULL values
Use INNER JOIN for two tables
Use JOIN for multiple tables
Group data with GROUP BY
Use aggregate functions
Challenge: Sales report with BP info
Solution: Sales report with BP info

5. Basic Crystal Reports
Launch Crystal Reports
Connect to the database
Select and link fields
Crystal Reports navigation
Add fields to an existing report
Format and layout a report
Add text objects to a header
Add graphics and color
Challenge: Make a sales report
Solution: Make a sales report

6. Polished Crystal Reports
Create logic and calculation formulas
IF, THEN, ELSE in formulas
Conditional formatting
Add selection criteria
Use parameters for selection
Sort a Crystal report
Add groups and totals to a Crystal report
Connect golden arrows in Crystal Reports
Polish up the report
Challenge: Make a sales summary
Solution: Make a sales summary

7. Customize Reports and Forms in SAP B1
Connect golden arrows in Crystal Reports
Add a Crystal report to SAP B1
Modify reports and forms in SAP B1
Forms to SAP B1
Modifying legacy forms in SAP B1
Add a Crystal Report form to SAP B1
Challenge: Add a form
Solution: Add a form

8. Customize Fields in SAP B1
Add a user defined field (UDF)
Add a UDF in SQL
Add a user defined object
Add a UDF in Crystal Reports
Challenge: Who likes pizza?
Solution: Who likes pizza?

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