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lynda Rust Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Learn Rust programming
What you should know
What is Rust?

1. Write Your First Program :
Installing Rust on Windows
Installing Rust on Linux and macOS
Anatomy of a Rust program
Adding comments
Building programs using Cargo

2. Primitive Data Types :
Declaring variables
Integer data types
Floating-point data types
Arithmetic operations
Formatting print statements
Bitwise operations
Boolean data type and operations
Comparison operations
Char data types
Challenge: Find the average
Solution: Find the average

3. Compound Data Types :
Multidimensional arrays

4. Functions :
Function parameters
Statements vs. expressions
Function return values
Challenge: Convert temperature
Solution: Convert temperature

5. Program Flow Control :
Conditional execution
Multiple conditions
Conditional assignment
While loops
For loops
Nested loops
Challenge: Max, min, mean
Solution: Max, min, mean

6. Ownership :
Variable scope
Shadowing variables
Stack and heap memory
String data type
Moving, cloning, and copying data
Transferring ownership

7. References :
Borrowing references
Mutable references
Dangling references
Slices as function parameters
Challenge: Trim spaces
Solution: Trim spaces

8. Modules :
Rust Standard Library and prelude
Standard input
Parse strings
Challenge: Higher or lower
Solution: Higher or lower

9. Input and Output :
Command-line arguments
Reading from files
Writing to files
Challenge: Check the roster
Solution: Check the roster

10. Structs :
Defining structs
Struct update syntax
Struct methods
Associated functions
Tuple structs
Challenge: Represent shapes
Solution: Represent shapes

11. Generic Types :
Generic struct definitions
Generic method definitions
Generic function definitions
Box data type
Challenge: Sum boxes
Solution: Sum boxes

12. Traits :
Implement traits
Default trait implementation
Derive traits
Trait bounds
Multiple trait bounds
Return types with implemented traits
Challenge: Implement the display trait
Solution: Implement the display trait

13. Lifetimes :
The borrow checker
Lifetime annotation syntax
Multiple lifetime annotations
Lifetime elision rules
Struct lifetime annotations
Static lifetime

14. Enums :
Define enums
Match operator
Match with default placeholder
Enum methods
Option enum
Matching Option
If-let syntax
Challenge: Represent a location
Solution: Represent a location

15. Error Handling :
Unrecoverable errors
Result<T, E> enum
Matching Result<T, E> to recover from errors
Propagating errors
Challenge: Handle errors
Solution: Handle errors

16. Collections :
Challenge: Count words
Solution: Count words

Conclusion :
Where to go next