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Running a Design Business: Leading a Creative Team

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1. The Basics

Why should you care about leadership?
Where do you start?
Understanding doers vs. leaders
Assessing leadership readiness

2. How to Become a Better Creative Team Leader

Great creative leaders do one thing
Common leadership obstacles
Understanding the creative process
Understanding your team's process
The 10/80/10 rule for leading creativity
Seven rules for running a better brainstorm
Becoming a better leader: Trust
Becoming a better leader: Commitment
Becoming a better leader: Knowledge

3. Apply Leadership to Your Team

Transforming into a critical asset
Defining your team's process
Learning to speak business
Creating a focused and empowered team

4. Building Your Teams Creative Culture

Creating your team's culture
Defining your team's cultural norms
Coaching leadership and creativity
Embracing failure


Recap: 10 keys to leading a creative team
One final thought