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RHCE Cert Prep: Kernel Tuning and Remote Logging

What you should know
OS installation
Lab setup
Install guest additions

1. Performance Monitoring Tools
Introduction to performance testing
Monitor processes using ps
Monitor processes in real time
Monitor processes using GNOME System Monitor
Use Performance Co-pilot (PCP) to gather statistics
Use turbostat to gather CPU statistics
Use SS to gather network statistics
Other CLI performance monitoring tools

2. Tune the Kernel with tuned
Introduction to tuned
Install additional tuned profiles
Create custom tuned profiles
Use PowerTOP suggestions in tuned
Boot-time kernel parameters

3. Manually Tune the Kernel
Understand Linux kernel versions
Tune live kernel parameters manually using sysctl
Use Tuna to tune the kernel

4. Kernel Module Tuning
Linux kernel directory structure
Manage kernel modules
Displaying information about kernel modules
Installing kernel modules from disk

5. Logging System Messages Remotely
Understand Enterprise 7 logging
rsyslog filters
rsyslog actions
Log to a remote rsyslog server

Next steps