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Revit for Interior Architecture

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

Creating floor plan views
Using view templates
Creating interior elevation views
Creating camera views
Organizing the project browser

2. Materials and Finishes
Assigning finishes to rooms
Creating a room finish schedule, part 1
Creating a room finish schedule, part 2
Creating new materials
Material display in drawings
Material display in tenderings
Tagging materials (BIM)
Materials at floors

3. Walls
Placing interior walls
Wall properties
Creating custom wall types
Sweeps within wall types
Reveals within wall types
Manual placement of wall sweeps
Fix sweep conditions
Adding openings
Modify wall profiles
Painting materials on walls
Modeling materials at walls
Applying your skills

4. Placing Families
Loading families into Revit
Placing furniture
Placing cabinets
Placing countertops
Placing the sink
Adding a kitchen island

5. Lighting Families
Placing lights in ceilings
Light fixture overview
Adjust lighting levels for renderings

6. Family Creation Overview
Introduction to the Family Editor
Mass objects
Void objects
Create a vase
Creating reference planes
Adjust mass objects
Making furniture parametric

7. Create a Table
Create a furniture family
Creating a table top
Creating table legs
Add reference planes
Model the table legs
Create a table type

8. Create a Sofa
Modeling the sofa arms
Modeling the sofa base
Modeling the cushions
Modeling the sofa back
Creating detail with voids
Adding materials
Finalizing the design

9. Creating Custom Casework
Creating a casework family
Create a base
Model doors
Adding voids
Assigning materials
Casework in plan view
Creating cabinet types

10. Design Options
Creating design options (views)
Adding existing content to an option
Placing furniture in the design options
Viewing the design options
Viewing a design option in 3D
Finalizing the design option

11. Renderings
Place a camera
Rendering interface

Next steps

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