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Revit: Family Curves and Formulas

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
Units of measurement used in this course

1. Understanding Parametric Curves
Creating seed families
Understanding automatic sketch dimensions
Creating circles
Creating ellipses
Constraining simple open curves
Using arc angles and radius

2. Controlling Rotation
Controlling rotation
Creating a door swing
Adding geometry to work planes
Rotating a curve

3. Arches
Working with segmental arches
Creating Roman- and Moorish-style arches
Creating the framework for a Gothic-style arch
Making a Gothic arch
Making elliptical arches

4. Using Formulas to Control Curvature
Introducing formulas
Using profile families
Devising the strategy for ovolo curves
Building an ovolo profile
Using an ovolo profile to shape a sweep

5. Compound Curves
Understanding cyma curves
Building profile references for a cyma curve
Building a cyma profile family

6. Scaling and Proportion
Using fixed proportion and scaling
Leveraging equality dimensions
Understanding splines and fixed proportions
Incorporating variable proportions
Combining scale and proportion

7. Combining Strategies
Creating a three-center arch
Using a profile to make a door opening
Creating a profile-based door panel
Configuring molding profiles
Creating door molding sweeps

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