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lynda Revit: Detailing to European Codes

Introduction :
Revit limitations
Design solutions for a house
Modelling to specific code

1. The Site :
Site location
Using SketchUp Pro to create contours
Creating a topography
Mapping a texture to the Toposurface
Establishing the reduced level with Building Pads
Linking and unlinking the site to the house

2. Floor Design :
Designing the floor to code
Creating accurate insulating materials in Revit
Creating a ground bearing slab to code
Adding the slab and enhancing the wall floor join
Using a beam system to create a suspended floor

3. Walls :
Designing a wall to code
Building the euro house wall family to meet code
Forming the wall openings
Using curtain walls instead of windows
Creating a bespoke Revit mullion profile
Using and modifying the mullion family in the project
Creating a bespoke Revit curtain panel frame
Adding the glass and door handle to the panel frame
Building the picture window

4. Roof :
Designing a roof to code
Revit roof options: Slab or rafters
Preparing the two-part roof
Creating the rafters
Trimming the rafters
Adding the purlins
Completing the roof

5. Details :
What Revit gives you versus what you need to show
Exploring the annotation toolset
Detail line styles
Using lines and hatches
Creating a detail component
Finishing the roof detail
Creating the internal cladding repeating detail
Annotation options

Conclusion :
Next steps