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lynda Revit: Design a Multi-Trade Commercial Building

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
How does a typical project progress?
Exercise files

1. Setting Up the Project with Shared Coordinates :
Obtaining Civil 3D information
Preparing a Civil 3D drawing
Creating a Civil Revit model
Publishing the coordinates

2. Architectural Modeling :
Adding exterior wall systems
Creating levels
Adding curtain wall systems
Laying out interior wall systems
Adding doors and windows
Adding floors
Adding rooms
Adding tray ceilings and soffits
Modeling roofs
Laying out circulation

3. Structural Modeling :
Finding the internal origin
Linking architecture internal origin to internal origin
Setting up levels
Laying out the grid
Adding foundation walls
Adding piers and pilasters
Adding steel columns
Adding perimeter framing
Adding beam systems
Adding roof joist systems

4. MEP Modeling :
Linking other trades
Adding spaces
Adding mechanical equipment
Adding air terminals
Modeling duct
Modeling drain pipe
Creating a power plan
Creating a lighting plan
Setting up worksharing

Conclusion :
Next steps