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Revit 2018: Essential Training for Structure

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files

1. Setting Up the Project

Linking architecture
Creating levels
Copy monitor
Adding and setting up structural views
Creating view templates
Transferring project standards

2. Grids and Columns

Adding grids to the model
Adding steel columns to the model
Creating column offsets
Creating a column schedule
Adding slanted columns
Attaching columns to steel

3. Foundations

Adding foundation walls
Adding wall footings
Adding piers and pilasters
Adding isolated footings
Creating a CMU elevator shaft
Shaft openings
Foundation slabs
Adding step footings
Tagging a step footing
Adding a step footing family
Retaining walls and footings

4. Steel Framing

Adding perimeter beams
Adding beam systems
Modifying beam systems
Copy Paste Aligned
Altering beam elevations
Adding joist systems
Tagging framing
Configuring beam joins

5. Floors and Slabs

Creating a slab on grade
Adding a concrete floor with steel decking
Cantelivering slab edges
Creating thickened slabs
Creating slab depressions
Creating custom decking

6. Reinforcing

Parallel to face
Perpendicular to face
Sketching rebar
Adding area reinforcing
View Settings
Adding a rebar coupling

7. Steel Brace Frames

Adding a brace frame elevation
Adding a brace frame
Modifying plan view symbology
Adding brace frame gussets
Creating a brace frame sheet

8. Stairs, Ramps, and Slopes

Adding C shapes to stringers
Creating stairs
Creating ramps
Sloping slabs
Sloping framing
Pitching floors to structure

9. Detailing and Annotating

Sections and callouts
Adding detail components
Inserting AutoCAD
Adding text
Adding dimensions

10. Schedules and Tagging

Footing schedules
Pier schedules
Creating a pier tag
Creating a material takeoff

11. Trusses

Adding Howe trusses
Attaching trusses to roofs
Changing truss materials
Editing the truss bottom chord
Detailing trusses

12. Project Management

File sharing

13. Steel Connections

Installing the plugin and content
Adding a clip angle connection
Adding a gusset place connection
Adding a steel to concrete anchor
Adding a base plate


Next steps

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