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Revit 2018: Essential Training for MEP (Metric)


Using the exercise files

1. Starting a Revit Project

Starting a project using Revit templates
Touring the user interface
Linking other models
Copying levels and setting up monitoring
Creating floor plans
Viewing the models

2. Revit Electrical

Adding receptacles
Adding panels
Creating spaces
Creating a circuit
Adding lighting fixtures
Adding switches
Creating a lighting circuit
Creating a switching circuit
Creating and labeling a wiring plan
Adding conduit
Creating conduit types
Adding cable tray
Tagging a plan

3. Revit Mechanical

Starting a mechanical project
Adding mechanical equipment
Adding air terminals
Adding a return duct
Adding a supply duct
Adding duct accessories and fittings
Sizing a duct
Tagging a duct
Creating HVAC zones
Adding insulation
Adding hydronic piping

4. Revit Plumbing

Creating a plumbing view
Adding plumbing fixtures
Adding sanitary sloped piping
Adding drains
Adding equipment
Adding additional piping
Exploring piping systems
Adding pipe accessories
Looking at the System Browser
Tagging pipes

5. Revit Fire Protection

Creating a sprinkler view
Adding sprinkler heads
Modeling mains
Modeling branch lines

6. Revit Worlkflow

Creating detail views
Importing CAD
Importing details
Creating sheets
Printing sheets
Creating schedules
Using phasing
Working with text
Working with dimensions
Looking at mechanical settings
Simple modify tecniques
Making and controlling revisions

7. MEP Fabrication Parts



Next steps

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