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Relational Databases Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Organize data with the relational model
What you should know

1. Get to Know Relational Databases
A brief introduction to data storage
E.F. Codd's relational model
What the CRUD?
Relations, tuples, tables, and records

2. Entity Relationship Diagrams
Develop a model of the real world
Choose an ER design tool
Design a table
Attribute data types
Use primary keys to identify records
Object naming considerations

3. Data Integrity and Validation
Data constraints
Create a unique constraint
Required attributes and null values
Define a default value
Establish table indexes
Add check constraints

4. Relationships
Relate tables with foreign keys
Diagram a relationship
Relationship optionality and cardinality
One-to-many relationships
One-to-one relationships
Many-to-many relationships
Self joins
Cascade changes

5. Normalization
Relational database normal forms
When not to normalize

6. Structured Query Language
Convert the ER diagram to a database
Data definition queries
Data manipulation queries
Write database select queries
Create a database view

7. Beyond the Relational Model
Graph databases
Document databases

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