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lynda Red Hat Certified Engineer (EX294) Cert Prep: 3 Managing Systems with Ansible

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
About the RHCE (EX294) exam
Before you proceed with this course

1. Ansible Roles:
Directory structure best practices
Create the directory structure
Understanding RHEL System Roles
Using RHEL System Roles
Exploring Ansible Galaxy
Installing roles from Ansible Galaxy

2. Using Ansible in Large Environments:
Using dynamic inventory plugins
Using dynamic inventory scripts
Manage parallel playbook execution
Performance tuning Ansible

3. Templating with Jinja2:
Templating with Jinja2
Using variables with Jinja2
Jinja2 syntax
Using control structures in Jinja2

4. Managing Software with Ansible:
Modules related to software management
Managing packages in playbooks
Implementing a playbook to manage software

5. Managing Users with Ansible:
Modules related to user management
Using playbooks to create users
Using external user data files
Advanced user creation

6. Managing Processes and Tasks:
Modules for managing services and tasks
Creating a playbook to manage services
Creating a playbook to manage tasks

7. Troubleshooting Ansible:
Managing Ansible logging and output
Troubleshooting Ansible playbooks

Taking the exam