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lynda Recruiting Foundations: Recruiting for In-House Recruiters

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Benefits of being an in-house recruiter

1. The DNA of Successful Recruiters :
The impact of your attitude and interactions
Create your recruiting process
Recruitment time wasters and solutions
Learn to welcome objections

2. Partnering with Your Hiring Managers :
Upgrading your hiring process
Partnering with hiring managers during your intake process
The impact of timing and challenges
Negotiating and pre-closing with hiring managers

3. Recruit the Best People :
Proactive vs. reactive recruiting
Identifying millennials and gen Z peak performers
Interviewing to identify candidate priorities
Eliminating surprises

4. Track, Follow Up, and Nurture Your Candidates :
Recruiting KPIs, stats, and ratios
Following up with and nurturing candidates
Following up with hiring managers
Increasing candidate referrals

Conclusion :
Looking forward