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lynda Rapid Application Development with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Rapid development of Python GUI apps with wxGlade
What you should know

1. Setting the Scene:
Understanding widgets
Developing a cybersecurity compliance app
Preparing the development environment
Accessing Excel files with openpyxl

2. Using Widgets in wxPython:
Introducing wxPython
Class-based skeleton
Labels and buttons
More on buttons
Checkboxes and radio buttons
Text entry controls
Use spinners to set values
Create lists to select from
Use combo boxes
Compose a menu bar

3. Constructing the App with wxGlade:
What is wxGlade?
Design the application user interface
Construct the application skeleton
Configure the listbox
The application skeleton
Construct the audit tab sheet

4. Adding Functional Application Code:
Generate code for the app
Add Excel sheetnames to a listbox
Link an edit field to a data source
Add event handlers in wxPython
Complete the main tab sheet
Build and using tree controls
Link edit fields to the tree
Save data into the worksheet
Review Python RAD with wxGlade

What's next