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QuickBooks Pro 2014 Essential Training

Using the sample company file

1. Navigating QuickBooks
A tour of the interface
Navigating inside each center

2. Working with Company Files
Opening and closing an existing company file
Setting up a new company file
Backing up and restoring a company file

3. Setting Up Shop
Working with the chart of accounts
Adding bank accounts and credit cards
Adding service or inventory items
Setting up sales tax
Adding vehicles
Editing company information

4. Adding Customers
Setting up the customer profile
Creating and editing customers
Importing customers from another program
Working with leads

5. Working with Vendors
Setting up the vendor profile
Creating and editing vendors

6. Adding Employees
Creating and editing employees
Creating and editing sales reps

7. Day-to-Day Operations
Creating estimates
Creating purchase orders for vendors
Entering vendor bills
Invoicing customers
Progress invoicing customers
Entering time and mileage against jobs
Receiving payments
Creating sales receipts for cash sales
Viewing reminders for overdue invoices
Sending statements to customers
Entering credit card charges
Recording deposits
Paying vendor bills
Printing checks
Working with jobs

8. Handling Special Cases
Taking care of refunds
Handling customer credits
Voiding invoices and other line items
Fixing mismatched data
Working with check registers manually
Grouping customers to batch invoices
Deleting and marking items inactive
Entering statement charges
Assessing finance charges
Memorizing transactions
Reconciling bank accounts

9. Payroll
Turning on payroll
Setting up payroll items
Setting up employees for payroll
Paying employees

10. Online Banking
Setting up accounts for online banking
Reconciling online transactions

11. Sharing QuickBooks with Others
Enabling multiuser mode
Adding and editing user accounts
Keeping QuickBooks up to date
Enabling credit card protection

12. Finding Information Quickly
Using the Snapshot tool
Searching for data
Filtering lists

13. Reports
Introduction to reports
Navigating and customizing report data
Filtering a report
Memorizing, exporting, and printing a report

14. End-of-Year Preparations
Setting up 1099 forms
Closing the books

15. Customizing QuickBooks
Customizing invoices and forms in QuickBooks
Setting QuickBooks preferences

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