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QuickBooks Payroll Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Choosing the right QuickBooks Payroll product
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
What you need for payroll
Signing up for QuickBooks Payroll
Working with the Payroll Setup interview

2. Setting Up Company and Employee Payroll Information
Setting up payroll accounts
Creating compensation items
Setting up insurance benefits
Defining retirement benefits
Setting up items for paid time off
Choosing other paycheck additions and deductions
Creating employee records

3. Defining Payroll Taxes
Entering federal tax information
Setting up state tax information
Specifying local tax information
Scheduling payroll tax payments

4. Finalizing Payroll Setup
Entering year-to-date totals
Editing payroll items
Specifying standard settings for new employees

5. Running Payroll and Paying Liabilities
Running payroll
Running payroll reports
Paying payroll liabilities

Next steps