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lynda QuickBooks Online Tips and Tricks

Introduction :
Tips and tricks for spending less time in QuickBooks Online

1. Working with Lists :
Sort and customize table columns
Round values in a price rule
Merge accounts and other records

2. Displaying Information :
Open multiple browser tabs for QuickBooks Online
Bookmark shortcuts for QuickBooks Online pages
Change fields in a customer page

3. Transaction Numbering :
Adjust transaction numbering
Renumber incorrectly numbered checks

4. Expense Transactions :
Sort bills
Reclassify expense transactions

5. Sales Transactions :
Track reimbursable expenses as income
Apply markups to billable expenses
Track nonbillable time
Handle fixed-price jobs
Progress invoicing for cost overruns

6. Special Sales Transactions :
Transfer a credit between customer jobs
Record merchant fees
Record retainers and deposits
Write off bad debt

7. Time-Saving Tricks :
Select dates with keyboard shortcuts
Other QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts
Add, delete, and copy transaction lines
Automatically prefill transaction content
Attach documentation to transactions
Send emails automatically

Conclusion :