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lynda QuickBooks Online Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Manage your business finances online
Is QuickBooks Online right for your business?
Which online edition should you choose?
What is double-entry accounting?
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started :
Tour the interface
Add company information in QuickBooks Online
Work with the chart of accounts
Create bank accounts and credit cards
Use account numbers
Set up sales tax
Add services
Create noninventory products
Add inventory products
Import inventory
Bundle several items sold as a group
Edit company information

2. Set Up Customers, Vendors, and Employees :
Set up lists
Create and edit customers
Create and edit vendors
Import customers and vendors
Create projects
Add and edit users

3. Day-to-Day Operations :
Create estimates
Record purchase orders
Record vendor bills
Record customer invoices
Invoice customers for progress
Record billable expenses and mileage
Enter time worked
Process a batch of transactions
Receive payments
Create sales receipts for cash sales
View reminders for overdue invoices
Send statements to customers
Job costing with projects

4. Work with Bank Accounts :
Work with account registers manually
Record credit card charges
Record bank deposits
Pay vendor bills
Print checks
Set up accounts for online banking
Set up bank rules
Process downloaded online transactions
Reconcile bank accounts

5. Handle Special Cases :
Issue refunds
Handle customer credits
Record vendor credits and refunds
Void transactions
Apply discounts
Work with online price rules
Make items inactive
Assess late fees and finance charges
Automate recurring transactions

6. Other Financial Tasks :
Pay sales tax
Record depreciation
Track and reorder inventory
Record inventory adjustments

7. Review Financial Information :
Review financial info in the dashboard
Use tags to categorize your finances
Search for information
Run reports
Customize and memorize reports

Conclusion :
Next steps