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Putting ITIL Into Practice: Applying ITIL Foundation Concepts

What you should know

1. ITIL Foundation Concepts
Services and service management
The service lifecycle
Service management terminology, principles, and models
Service management processes and functions
Service management roles
Service management technology and architecture

2. Seven Ways to Apply ITIL Foundation Concepts
Applying ITIL doesn't have to be this way
The Seven Ways: Service management applications
The Seven Ways: A service management manifesto
Enact and enable outcomes
Enlighten and empower people
Lower barriers, increase enablers
Improve moments of truth
Bringing the first four ways together
Root out variation and dependency
Lower transaction costs
Reflect and act as individuals, teams, and organizations
Now that we've covered our approach, let's start applying

3. Apply: Real-World Examples
Services and service management
Service management lifecycle
Service management terminology
Service management processes
Service management functions
Service management roles
Service management technology and architecture

4. Apply: Services and Service Management
Services and stakeholders
Services and business services
Value perception and stakeholder relations
Hiding the specifics of costs and risks
Internal and external services, customers, and users
Core, enabling, option, and enhancing services
Service assets
Service parts
Service features, qualities, and telemetry
Service management capabilities
Service portfolio
Service catalog
Utility and warranty = Value
Variation, dependencies, and service degradation
SLAs, OLAs, and UCs

5. Apply: Service Management Lifecycle Concepts
Service strategy
Service design
Service transition
Service operation
Continual service improvement (CSI)

6. Apply: Service Management Terminology and Key Principles and Models
Why shared terminology is important
Service management terminology and key principles and models
Overall and next-level-down understanding
A hunting we shall go
Do something with it
Where does it hurt?
Key principles and models
Value creation through services
People, process, products, and partners
Five aspects of service design
CSI approach
CSFs and KPIs
Technology, process, and service metrics

7. Apply ITIL Foundation Processes
Service management processes
Service strategy
Service design
Service transition
Service operation
CSI approach

8. Apply ITIL Foundation Functions
Service desk, application, technology, and IT operations management
Service desk
Technical management
IT operations management
Application management

9. Apply ITIL Roles
Service management roles
Process owner and process manager
Service owner
RACI: Responsible and accountable
RACI: Consulted and informed

10. Apply Service Management Technology and Architecture
Service management technology and architecture
Scope of automation
Reduce variation by simplification and automation
Service analytics
Event management techniques

Next steps
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