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Prototyping a WordPress Project in Adobe XD

Creating a WordPress site? Prototype it first in Adobe XD
What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Familiar with the Project
What is UX?
What is UI?
UX workflow
Consider your client/website project
Outline the needs of end user
Take inventory of available assets
Create site map
Get familiar with WordPress themes

2. Approach the Project
Use the content first design
Starting with wireframe or UI kits

3. Get Started in Adobe XD
Create wireframes
Using the Adobe library
Layout sections with labels
Using assets for consistency
Creating components
Component overrides

4. Workflow for Building the Site
Create a style guide artboard
Start mobile first
Layout pages with content
Repeat grid
Importing content

5. Building Interactivity
Animation overview
Menu animation
Draggable carousel

6. Finalizing the Prototype
Convert a page layout by re-using assets
Finessing your prototype

7. Sharing and Exporting
Sharing your Adobe XD file
Collaborate with others using the cloud
Using linked assets
Export assets from XD

Next steps