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lynda Project Management for Creative Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

How do you manage creative projects?
What you should know before watching this course

1. The Whats and Whys of Project Management:
The benefits of project management
When not to use project management
Reviewing the golden rules of effective project management
What is the Project Management Institute (PMI)?

2. Understanding Services Offered:
Understanding your internal capabilities

3. Project Management Core Concepts:
Project management bottom line
Understanding the triple constraint
Defining the objectives of a project
Defining the characteristics of a project
The standard life cycle of a project
Using project management effectively
A typical life cycle for a creative project

4. Scoping a Creative Project:
Scoping the project
Giving the project a descriptive and unique name
Creating an executive summary
Refining the scope
Identifying key roles for a project
Building the scoping document
The importance of sign-off
Creating a technical brief

5. Estimating Time:
Using historical data
Using a time estimation formula
Getting a peer review for time estimation
Getting an external review for time estimation
When to pad the budget
The work breakdown structure

6. Client Communication:
Using in-progress reports to communicate with clients
What information can you share with your client?
Using online project management tools
Understanding the core features needed for online systems
Managing a project with Basecamp
Managing a project with Facebook
Communicating with Slack
Collaborating with Google Docs and Sheets

7. Project Control Cycle:
What is a control cycle?
Building a control cycle
Balancing control with speed
Enforcing the control cycle

8. Managing Employees and Contractors:
Time tracking
Recruiting contractors
Managing contractors
When to hire staff
Understanding the independent contractor status
Working with an accountant

9. Effective Teams:
Reviewing the elements of a successful team startup
Outlining effective team membership
Warning signs of a failing team
Corrective actions for teams
Encourage leadership amongst the team
Fostering team accountability

10. Keeping Clients Happy:
Fostering open and frequent communication
Performing a client debrief
Being seen as a resource to your clients
Surveying clients

11. Closing Out the Project:
When is a project done?
Reconciling change orders
Reconciling billing
The project debrief
Capturing lessons learned
Archiving the project

Goodbye and suggested learning