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Pro Tools 2019 Essential Training: 110 – Advanced Techniques

Advanced techniques with Pro Tools
What you need to know
How to use the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Starting work on a new session
Configuring the Playback Engine
Customizing I/O settings
Audition paths and default output bus
Adding tracks as you work
Edit and Mix windows display options
Tracks List display options

2. Managing Session Data and Media Files
Pro Tools software options
Working with digital video
Using Workspace browsers
Using Soundbase
Considerations for importing files
Importing tracks from another session
The benefits of using Clip Groups

3. Recording MIDI and Audio
Working with meter changes
Creating a gradual tempo change
Recording with a click
Preparing for punch-ins and overdubs
Making and saving selections
Recording multiple takes
Auditioning multiple record takes
Recording in layers with MIDI Merge mode

4. Working with MIDI and Virtual Instruments
Understanding track timebases
Changing the track timebase
Working with virtual instruments
Track views and controls for MIDI data
Troubleshooting MIDI auditions
Troubleshooting MIDI playback
Editing MIDI clips
Editing MIDI notes with the Pencil tool

5. Working with Elastic Audio
Elastic Audio basics
Warping sound with Elastic Audio
Tightening a rhythm with Elastic Audio
Experimenting with tempo
Working with Elastic Audio markers
Improving the quality of warped audio
Using Elastic Audio to change pitch

6. Editing and Fine-Tuning a Performance
Using the Smart Tool
Quantize options for audio and MIDI
Using the MIDI Real-Time Properties view
Using the Real-Time Properties window
Editing with fades

7. Advanced Editing and Media Management
Track color-coding
Creating clip loops
Modifying clip loops
Editing on the grid
Working with AudioSuite plug-ins
Locating clips in the Clip List
Exporting clips

8. Basic Mixing and Signal Flow
Evaluating a session
Using inserts for effects processing
Using sends and returns
Working with sends
Working with plug-ins
Working with Master Faders

9. Writing and Editing Automation
Automation overview
Automation modes
Working with automation
Graphical editing of automation
Cutting, copying, and pasting automation
Removing automation from a track

10. Using Advanced Mixing Techniques and Creating Final Media
Working with track subsets
Grouping tracks
Working with groups
Creating final media: A dithered bounce
Creating final media: A slimmed archive

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