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Pro Tools 2019 Essential Training: 101 – The Basics

Audio production with Pro Tools
What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. Background Information
Pro Tools history and evolution
Audio basics: The characteristics of sound
Transducers: How sound is converted to an electrical signal
Converting audio to digital format: Sample rate
Converting audio to digital format: Bit depth
Pro Tools software configurations
Pro Tools hardware options

2. Getting Started with Pro Tools
Software installation
Starting up a Pro Tools system
The Pro Tools file structure
The Pro Tools menu structure
The main Pro Tools windows

3. Pro Tools Basic Controls
Edit tool functions
Functions of the Smart Tool
Modifiers and shortcuts
Edit mode behaviors
Timescales and rulers
MIDI control features

4. Creating Your First Session
Using the dashboard
Creating and configuring a Pro Tools file
Working with tracks
Controlling playback
Saving and closing Pro Tools files
Locating and opening Pro Tools files
Challenge: Creating a session
Solution: Creating a session

5. Making Your First Audio Recording
Verifying available space for recording
Setting the session tempo
Creating a click track
Preparing to record
Conducting an audio record pass
Organizing after recording
Challenge: Recording audio
Solution: Recording audio

6. Importing and Working with Media
Considerations for importing audio
Using the import audio dialog box
Importing audio with Workspace browsers
Importing video
Challenge: Importing media
Solution: Importing media

7. Making Your First MIDI Recording
MIDI in Pro Tools
Using virtual instruments
Conducting a MIDI record pass
Viewing and editing MIDI data
Challenge: Using virtual instruments
Solution: Using virtual instruments

8. Selecting and Navigating
Timeline selections versus edit selections
Working with Edit Selections
Navigating and selecting with precision
Changing your track display
Adding markers to your session
Using markers for quick navigation
Working with markers
Challenge: Adding markers
Solution: Adding markers

9. Editing Your Media
Editing with Shuffle mode
Editing on the grid
Editing clips
Fine-tuning your edits
Creating fade effects
Challenge: Editing audio
Solution: Editing audio
Undoing a mistake
Beyond the Undo command
Challenge: Arranging media
Solution: Arranging media

10. Mixing and Finishing Your Project
Basic mixer terminology
Routing signals in the mix window
Challenge: Using effects
Solution: Using effects
Using basic automation
Editing breakpoint automation
Backing up your session
Considerations for bouncing audio
Creating a stereo mixdown
Challenge: Creating an automated mix
Solution: Creating an automated mix

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