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lynda Privacy for Executives and Aspiring Executives

Video Introducing this tutorial

Privacy in today's enterprise
Why executives need to understand privacy
How this course will help executives

1. Privacy: The Big Picture:
The big picture: Privacy, your business, and the economy
The big picture: Privacy, governments, auditors, and investors
The big picture: Privacy and your users
Privacy principles

2. Privacy: Your Responsibilities as an Executive:
Protecting your users: Trust
Protecting your company: Audits and regulations
Building privacy by design into your culture

3. Building a Privacy Team and Culture:
Attributes of your privacy program
Privacy roles and responsibilities
The need for metrics

4. Your Privacy Program:
A two-tiered program
The privacy working group
The privacy execution team

5. Tactical Privacy in Action:
Privacy disclosures
Privacy reviews: Legal and technical
Privacy training

6. User Data Management:
A data-driven privacy program
Data governance
Data inventory and cataloging

7. A Proactive Privacy Program:
Data rightsizing, deletion, and access control
User control and choice
Vendor risk assessment
Incident response

8. Staffing Your Privacy Team:
Privacy and staffing
Chief information security officer (CISO)
Chief privacy officer (CPO)
Data protection officer (DPO)
Privacy, data science, and data platform
Privacy and your policy/communications teams
Adapting your privacy program

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